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Specialised Environmental Testing

Specialised Environmental Testing

Key testing equipment and capabilities include:

  • EMC Chamber – measuring 9.6m in length, 6.4m in width and 6.15m high to undertake compliance tests for radio emissions from AVI devices.
  • Sun Event Chamber – for full sun simulation for accelerated lifecycle testing (ageing), controlling temperature, humidity, simulated sunlight.
  • Salt Event Chamber – to simulate accelerated exposure to corrosive environments to test longevity of AVI devices and resistance to corrosion.
  • IP69K Water Chamber – to test for certify AVI devices to have a water resistance level up to IP69K
  • Dust Chamber – To simulate entry of dust particles into our Military equipment
  • Arizona Dust Chamber – to simulate exposure to Pilbara style red earth dust to ensure the seal on AVI devices against dust ingress.
  • Temperature Vibration Chamber (Shake and Bake) – This chamber allows for three-axis vibration testing of AVI devices whilst at the same time temperature cycling the environment.  It can vibrate a device up and down and side to side at the same time.  The chamber can test devices at a temperature of minus 70°C up to 180°C, whilst also at humidity levels between 10-95% relative humidity.  And can cycle the temperature at 15°C per minute. For further detailed information regarding AVI’s testing capabilities, click here
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