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AVI ESR 6300 Hardware Development Kit

The AVI ESR 6300 Hardware Development Kit is a product developed by AVI for integrators exclusively looking to assess the suitability and functionality of the Cisco ESR 6300 Embedded Services Router.

This HDK is an essential tool for technology integrators looking to design and develop suitable custom interface solutions for the Cisco ESR 6300 Embedded Services Router.

The AVI ESR 6300 HDK offers a lightweight bench testing environment via a breakout board to power. Integrators also have the option of connecting to the Cisco ESR 6300 main board. Specifically, pin headers provide access to Ethernet connectors, management ports and power source. As a result developers can test and evaluate the Cisco ESR 6300 and configurations within their own operating environment.

The development kit allows system integrators to start earlier on system integration / verification / acceptance testing, at lower costs, prior to hardware verification testing of appliances.

Preliminary testing of the Cisco ESR 6300 can be set up, in the context of the whole system. Allowing integrators to use real application traffic in realistic network topologies.

This capability supports the advanced development of optimised systems to address unique requirements of specialised industries including Defence, Mining and Government.

The AVI ESR 6300 HDK is suited to technology integrators and engineering design teams looking for a reliable testing environment built exclusively for the Cisco ESR 6300 Embedded Services Router.

Cisco Embedded Services 6300 Series Router Hardware Technical Guide is available, here.

Resources for the Cisco Embedded Services 6300 Series Router are available, here.

AVI ESR Hardware Development Kit for Cisco ESR 6300

Key Features

  • Light-weight
  • Cost Effective
  • Test Using Realistic Network Topologies
  • Cisco Endorsed Product
  • Tests Functionality of the Cisco ESR 6300 Router
  • Manufactured in Australia
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