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Media & Government

AVI delivers secure and reliable services to the Government and Public Safety markets with products and systems deployed in court rooms, houses of Parliament, airport security, border control, shipping ports and public CCTV surveillance infrastructure.

AVI has designed, installed and maintains automated broadcast systems within several parliaments in Australia – transforming how parliamentary business is recorded, archived, spliced and broadcast.

Our work in parliaments is undertaken with a focus on heritage and design integrity.

  • We develop and install audio and sound reinforcement systems for parliamentary chambers and committee rooms
  • Our video and audio broadcast systems incorporate video pre/post-production capabilities and enable web streaming of post-production content and video conferencing
  • We develop and install digital audio recording and archiving systems for Hansard
  • Our expertise in real-time network infrastructure enables us to provide vital communications systems such as division bell distribution systems, emergency/public announcement (EWIS/PA) systems, assistive listening systems and networked television distribution (IPTV)
  • Our experience in physical security systems allows us to design, manufacture and install access control and visitor pass systems, CCTV systems and digital signage and way-finding systems
  • AVI provides the full suite of professional services required to meet the exacting standards required to work in parliaments: design and development, project management, installation and manufacturing, preventative and breakdown/remedial maintenance and through-life support
  • We can provide training for your staff or provide trained operators to ensure the seamless operation of your systems

AVI has a proven record in developing and providing superior CCTV and surveillance services to key infrastructure hubs including domestic and international Airports, shipping ports, border security and Government authority sectors, including public safety.

AVI conducts a detailed assessment and analysis of client needs to determine and implement the best approach and requirements.

  • AVI’s qualified technicians are experienced in assessing and mapping optimal camera and equipment locations and positioning for practical and reliable performance outcomes
  • AVI is expert in system configuration to prioritise incident alarm functionality and accessible reporting management and retrieval
  • AVI has a reputable project portfolio in providing best outcome-based solutions for live and recorded viewing capabilities; including archived data management and architecture
  • AVI specialises in optimising CCTV and surveillance systems to effectively manage / detect crowds, congestion or address incident management
  • We identify and implement suitable equipment or protocol for specialised requirements including facial recognition and traffic management features
  • Our in-depth experience with providing wireless networking technology solutions equates to the elevation of security levels and increased reliability of video data and archival records

AVI has provided integrated audiovisual solutions to the justice sector for over a decade. We have installed audiovisual systems into more than 200 courtrooms in Australia.

  • We provide both turn-key and purpose-built audiovisual installations for the justice sector
  • Our services include breakdown/remedial and preventative maintenance, help desk support and training
  • AVI’s Core Control System (CCS2), developed to manage all facets of in-court audiovisual technologies, is used in 87 courts throughout Western Australia. This mature and stable automation system runs on commercially available AMX™ hardware
  • Our expertise includes digital recording and transcription, evidence management, way-finding systems, image distribution, webstreaming, assistive listening systems and networked television distribution (IPTV)
  • We design and install physical security systems such as access control, building management, video surveillance and electronic surveillance for courtrooms, parliaments, public infrastructure and corporate premises
  • AVI’s customised integrated video-conferencing and telepresence solutions offer the justice sector proven time, budget and security benefits
  • AVI specialises in mission-critical systems and understands the need to have uninterrupted availability to ensure the efficient administration of justice
  • Our technicians are highly-experienced project managers and installing systems into existing courts is our specialty – all our work is undertaken with a focus on heritage and design integrity

The protection of our client data remains one of AVI’s highest priorities.  AVI has worked with many Government and Industry partners to deliver our products in co-operation with the Cyber Security requirements of our clients.

  • AVI focuses on ensuring that our services maintain your digital, confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • AVI’s layered approach to cybersecurity begins with the production of our electronic components, which is done completely in house with an assured supply chain
  • AVI’s software solutions are built with security in mind, our team of software engineers will work with client security professionals to deliver optimal outcomes for each and every project
  • AVI also applies the principles of continuous improvement to all aspects of our operations, regarding AVI software, our engineering team is continually testing and improving our software, with a system of regular patching and hardening as required
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