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AVI & Our Mission

AVI continuously strives to be a leader of innovation and reliable specialised solutions in the delivery of mission critical hardware and software defined networking communication systems across key markets, including Defence, Mining, Government, Utilities and Public Safety; on a multi-national scale whilst maintaining focus towards Australian Industrial Sovereign capability and the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the foreseeable future.

The name AVI is synonymous with innovation.

It is what we do every day on behalf of our clients. Our agile business model allows for continuous product development and manufacturing specifications in direct response to client requirements, operating in line with the advancement of technology and evolution of manufacturing capabilities. By eliminating external suppliers, we provide full traceability of our products and operations, thus maintaining control and the ability to mitigate risk due to third party variables.

You will see continued investment in AVI’s electronic capability and robotics to ensure the future of this capability in Australia going forward. It is essential to many of our clients that we provide full traceability, reliable performance and integrity of every solution we provide.

AVI Electrical and Manufacturing Team
mining router-network management-router-network management router-data management software-data management hardware

As the requirement for an increased focus on data management continues to increase at an exponential rate, our systems and componentry are more important than ever in the role to support communications; connectivity; and data tunnelling – effectively and securely.

Developing solutions that assist with critical data protection and cyber resilience, as well as integrating with existing systems, places AVI in a strong position for future growth, capability and sustainability.

AVI develops, manufactures and delivers specialised communications solutions for mission-critical situations; delivering a full end-to-end service in the design, manufacturing, assembly, installation, training and support of these systems.

To be at the core of every mission requires an absolute focus on quality and exceptional customer service. We achieve this through a focus on:

  • Each and every product we make
  • Each and every install we conduct
  • Each and every time our solutions are used
  • Being available to operate in all designated climate conditions
  • Dedicated service and support for our clients in Australia and across the world
  • Ongoing training and product resources available for our clients
AVI Product Manufacturing LTE Router

Our History

Founded in 1989, AVI has been successfully supporting the unique requirements of National Defence forces, Government and Mining sectors for three decades.

Much of our work in the early days was in the audio-visual arena, helping businesses utilise the emerging communication technologies during the 1970-1980 period. Our team became recognised as the experts in radio, satellite, digital recording, data and the supporting infrastructure. This expertise enabled our business to expand into working within many Government and infrastructure facilities. Our contracting team fit out Court Rooms, Houses of Parliament, Immigration, Airport and Seaports throughout Australia with communication, security and digital media services.

We operate on a global scale from our world-class facilities in Western Australia. These facilities house the engineering design team along with manufacturing, assembly, testing and support. We also have support offices throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

By partnering with our local Special Forces, the SAS, and having a recruitment policy of actively hiring veterans, we boast an enviable history, skill set and product range specifically designed to meet the needs of the Australian Defence Force and our closest allies.

We provide essential services in keeping our elite soldiers informed, connected and safe. This is achieved through the design and manufacture of products for use in mission critical communications networks for national defence forces.

AVI products are currently deployed to some of the harshest environments found in the world, demanding uncompromising performance with utmost reliability. From airborne platforms at extreme altitude, to land mobile missile systems within the arctic circle, including service in the extreme environments encountered by the Mining industry and Australian and International Defence Forces; AVI systems are known world-wide for delivering reliability and dependability for battlefield information networks.

Our work in the Mining sector has expanded in recent years as products designed for the harsh requirements of military service have been sourced as the solution to providing mine sites with fail safe infrastructure for asset communication, tracking and autonomous implementation. This area of the business continues to expand as we partner with telecommunication providers and heavy equipment manufactures to provide end to end mine solutions and automation.

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