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Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief

AVI values the importance of its role in Humanitarian Assistance + Disaster Relief (HADR). Communication is vital in these dire situations, which are usually in extremely intense circumstances with damage to critical infrastructure and reduced accessibility.  

Our products are specifically designed to perform in harsh and hostile environments, thus providing a premium position for AVI to support and assist first responders to communicate and mitigate loss of life as quickly as possible. Most deaths occur within the first 72 hours of a disaster situation, so performance and simplicity of communications systems is vital to increasing survival rates and overall mission effectiveness.

Pacific Endeavor

AVI has been an active key participant in Pacific Endeavor exercises for over a decade. Pacific Endeavor is a communication exercise under the Multinational Communications Interoperability Program (MCIP), an initiative involving over 20 allies and partners that ultimately saves many lives. The main focus of the exercises are to establish rapid and effective inter-operable communications systems to jointly act in disaster relief situations.

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