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Mining & Resources

AVI offers unique LTE and network management solutions for the Mining industry and has been instrumental in the implementation of autonomous haulage communication technologies offering design, development, fabrication and through-life support.

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Autonomous Networking Solutions

AVI’s hardened LTE and networking equipment is expertly designed and manufactured in our Australian purpose-built facilities. With complete supply-chain assurance from design to manufacturing, delivery to installation, our devices are optimised to perform and excel in hostile and harsh environments.

AVI has the capability to customise user equipment and router configurations. An increased focus in reduced SWaPH, a higher level of shock-resistence and Milspec credentials, positions the AVI suite of user equipment  as offering superior LTE and networking solutions for Mining communications and data networking requirements.

By delivering through-life product support and comprehensive training for all levels of operational and technical requirements, AVI ensures the best QoS outcomes to assist the mining industry with a sustainable transition solution to autonomous haulage communications capabilities and system requirements.



Network Traffic Management

An exponential surge in the use of data applications in mining and resources operations has unavoidably led to an increased focus on the requirement for reliable data traffic and network management solutions.

AVI’s LANpipe® solution incorporates LTE user equipment teamed with software defined networking protocols to connect to disparate systems, fuse data and deliver Layer 2 traffic over Layer 3 (LTE) networks. THE AVI LANpipe® system is agnostic and is Open Standards compliant to seamlessly integrate with existing network architecture.  

Our network traffic management solutions are currently in use and have been deployed throughout the Oceania region, playing an instrumental role in the transference to autonomous haulage and mining operations.

AVI Mining & Resources Products Portfolio

ESS 3326-rugged-military-mining-embedded services switch-cisco switching technology-Cisco IOS XE-rugged military switch-hardened switch-mining switch

AVI ESS 3326 Embedded Services Switch

The AVI ESS 3326 offers versatile and reliable networking operations with integration of the Cisco Embedded Services Switch, providing Gigabit Ethernet and additional 10 Gigabit…

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AVI LPC 5942-rugged LANpipe controller-stateless tunnel connectivity-Layer 2 over Layer 3 networks-rugged mining routing-rugged military routing

AVI LPC 5942 LANpipe Controller

The AVI LPC 5942 LANpipe controller solution provides the capability to manage and deliver Layer 2 traffic over Layer 3 networks from multiple data sources and…

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AVI LPC 8942 LANpipe Controller

The AVI LPC 8942 LANpipe® Controller solution provides the capability to manage and deliver Layer 2 traffic over Layer 3 networks, and seamlessly roams between…

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AVI LTE 9111-Rugged LTE Wi-Fi Router-rugged military modem-rugged mining modem-mining router-military router-rugged router-LTE router-LTE rugged

AVI LTE 9111 Wi-Fi Modem Router

The AVI LTE 9111 LTE Wi-Fi Modem Router features a rugged AVI chassis, complemented by high performance components, providing reliable yet scalable data, voice and…

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AVI-LTE 9115-rugged LTE Wi-Fi-Ehternet- Rugged router-military router-mining router-rugged mining router-rugged military router-LTE rugged

AVI LTE 9115 Wi-Fi Ethernet Router

The AVI LTE 9115 is AVI’s next generation Router providing multiple Ethernet connectivity with enhanced 4G-LTE, WAN uplink and Wi-Fi access and was designed specifically…

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AVI SDN 5942-Rugged Software Defined Network-rugged military router-rugged mining router-cisco switching technology-hardened cisco technology

AVI SDN 5942 Software Defined Network Router

The AVI SDN 5942 Software Defined Networking platform is an extremely mobile communications system with maximum technology capability within a single hardened chassis, for reliable…

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AVI LTE 9113-rugged Wi-Fi Ethernet router-rugged mining router-rugged military router-rugged Wi-Fi router-LTE Rugged-mining router-military router-hardened router

AVI LTE 9113 Wi-Fi Ethernet Router

The AVI LTE 9113 is AVI's next generation LTE Wi-Fi Modem Router providing local Wi-Fi access and triple Ethernet connectivity with enhanced LTE WAN uplink.…

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AVI-LTE-9125-rugged wifi-Ethernet-rugged router-mining router-military router-rugged mining router-rugged military router-LTE rugged-hardened LTE router-LTE Router

AVI LTE 9125 Wi-Fi Ethernet Router

The AVI LTE 9125 is a new generation LTE, UMTS and Wi-Fi Modem Router providing local Wi-Fi access and multiple Ethernet connectivity with enhanced 4G-LTE…

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AVI FES 2020-rugged Embedded services switch-rugged network switch-rugged mining switch-rugged military switch-rugged switching

AVI FES 2020 Embedded Services Switch

The AVI FES 2020 is a small form factor, field deployable, rugged network switch; providing on-demand network connectivity in mobile or fixed deployments in harsh…

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AVI LTE 9112 VDSL-rugged Ethernet Router-rugged mining router-rugged military router-rugged LTE router-mining router-military router-LTE rugged

AVI LTE 9112V VDSL Ethernet Router

The AVI LTE 9112V is AVI’s next generation LTE and VDSL Router providing Ethernet connectivity with enhanced 4G-LTE and VDSL WAN uplink. The AVI LTE…

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AVI SDN Software Defined Network Router Product Image

AVI SDN 8450 Software Defined Network Router

The AVI SDN 8450 is a small form factor, industrial network router; providing secure on-demand network connectivity in controlled environments. The AVI Software Defined Network…

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