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The AVI Centralised Configuration Management System (CCMS) provides a single real time visual interface for the centralised management of multiple end user UEs with varying configurations and employment scenarios.

AVI CCMS is a software application for the administration, configuration and monitoring of deployed AVI LTE User Equipment (UE).

The system allows for the creation of user groups, simplifying UE configuration and for simple re-assignment of UEs to alternative use cases.

The CCMS allows system managers to coordinate UE firmware upgrades and momentary UE downtimes for off-peak or during rest periods. Client authentication grants access to manage deployed AVI equipment across the network.

The Firmware management features of CCMS simplify the updating of large numbers of deployed or in storage UEs. The automatic interrogation of the UE firmware version against the current operational versions means that administrators can perform bulk updates to affected devices or update firmware and configuration immediately on initialisation.

CCMS allows administrators to create UE alarms to provide notification on selected alarm states.

The AVI Centralised Configuration Management System (CCMS) can be deployed to an enterprise and is a web-based product suitable for integration with most operating systems.


  • Centralised AVI LTE UE Management
  • Minimal server resources
  • HTTPS access to UE GUI
  • Search UE by criteria
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Remote UE configuration management
  • Push configurations to UE
  • Local or remote logging
  • Batch processes across the UE fleet
  • Live UE status views
  • 3rd party management software integration
  • Secure client access (LDAP)
  • ‘Zero touch’ UE configuration mechanism
AVI Central Configuration Management System

Real Time Data

Keep track of your vehicles, machines and equipment in real-time.

AVI CCMS is instrumental in assisting with monitoring the performance and location of multiple end-points and is suitable across a number of industry sectors, with the technological principles synonymous for industries including Defence, Mining, Government, Public Safety and even Infrastructure Utilities, where monitoring and simple configuration of multiple devices can be easily managed through a single dashboard interface.


AVI CCMS is an exclusive feature of the AVI Operating system – AVIOS.

The Centralised Configuration Management System is compatible with all AVI User Equipment appliances to provide a complete optimised communications network system offering remote control, management and monitoring of deployed equipment.

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