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AVI LTE 9115 MK2

AVI's next generation router for autonomous mining systems.

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ARRV3 Airborne Rugged Router

Atomic clock precision for mission-critical communications.


AVI ESS 3326 Gigabit Switch

Optimised for performance in volatile environments

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Getting the RIGHT data, to the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time.

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AVI LTE 9125

Designed to Perform in Hostile Environments

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Real-time Networking for the World’s Biggest Robots

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A Complete Software Defined Networking System

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At the Core of Every Mission

When the delivery of hardened communications systems and critical components to the world’s largest industries, organisations, companies and Defence force units is essential to their survival… our physical and software defined solutions have the capability to transform to different missions permitting an unmet level of agility, responsiveness, interoperability and performance.

AVI is already powering some of the biggest robots in the world, providing capabilities for autonomous vehicles and networked battle systems.

Specialising in the bespoke design, development and manufacturing of specialised communications solutions and componentry for harsh, remote and critical environments, AVI’s robust hardware and agile technology solutions are used in the most sensitive military, mining, transport and security applications, all requiring trusted zero-fail operational performance.

An Australian owned and operated company with a strong record of accomplishment, AVI’s products deliver critical-time, secure data networking and specialised communications systems to the IoT (Internet of Things), people, vehicles, aircraft and maritime applications. 

Rugged Hardware

  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Extended operating temperatures
  • Solid billet machining
  • Full traceability

Customised Solutions

  • Product specification agility
  • Complete networking solutions
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Industry-spec modifications

Specialised Training

  • On-site specialist training
  • 24/7 online training resources
  • Tiered training modules
  • Quick response support

AVI Featured Products

Our rugged hardware devices and agile software defined networking systems are proven to perform in critical situations.

AVI 9520 ARRv3 Airborne Rugged Router
AVI 9520 ARRv3 Airborne Rugged Router – Version 3

The AVI 9520 ARR Airborne Rugged Router is a small form factor, rugged airborne network router and switch providing secure, on demand connectivity and timing…

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AVI LTE 9115 MK2 Wi-Fi Ethernet Router
AVI LTE 9115 MK2 Wi-Fi Ethernet Router

The AVI LTE 9115 MK2 is a hardened Ethernet, LTE and Wi-Fi router optimised for data connections for the vehicle mounted or static mining applications,…

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AVI LPC 5942 LANpipe Controller
AVI LPC 5942 LANpipe Controller

The AVI LPC 5942 LANpipe controller solution provides the capability to manage and deliver Layer 2 traffic over Layer 3 networks from multiple data sources and…

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AVI LPC 8942 LANpipe Controller
AVI LPC 8942 LANpipe Controller

The AVI LPC 8942 LANpipe® Controller solution provides the capability to manage and deliver Layer 2 traffic over Layer 3 networks, and seamlessly roams between…

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The AVI LTE 8445 is optimised for operation in harsh environments that require Ethernet, 4G-LTE, Wi-Fi and Routing technology, using high-grade components, a tough industrial…

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AVI LTE 9208 Wi-Fi Ethernet Router
AVI LTE 9208 Wi-Fi Ethernet Router

The AVI LTE 9208 is a new generation LTE, UMTS, Wi-Fi and Ethernet Router providing local Wi-Fi access and multiple Ethernet connectivity with enhanced 4G-LTE…

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AVI Capabilities

AVI specialises in designing, developing and building specialised communications solutions for harsh, remote and critical environments. AVI boasts an agile product development process that brings together emerging technologies, innovation and industry standards to provide clients with unique, custom built solutions. We support our clients and assure product operational success and QoS by providing a complete suite of comprehensive product support services including integration, network management, documentation and training. AVI is an Australian owned and operated company with a strong record...

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Design + Engineering

AVI has an established reputation for innovation and continuous improvement, boasting a large and experienced, multidisciplinary engineering design team including Software, Electronic, Aviation, and Mechanical Engineers in addition to communication specialists and experienced electronic technicians.


AVI’s manufacturing campus in Booragoon Western Australia houses an end-to-end facility, from robotic sheet metal turret machines, CNC seals to custom assembly. Our metal machining is all conducted in-house by a team of highly qualified and experienced machinists. Using a...

Specialised Environmental Testing

Key testing equipment and capabilities include: EMC Chamber – measuring 9.6m in length, 6.4m in width and 6.15m high to undertake compliance tests for radio emissions from AVI devices. Sun Event Chamber – for full sun simulation for accelerated lifecycle testing (ageing),...

Installation + Integration

We have building, electrical, cabling and security licences that enable our multi-disciplinary installation teams to manage virtually any challenge.  Our team members hold a range of security clearances, licences and industry and vendor endorsement/certifications.  They are backed by ISO 9001...

Surveillance + Monitoring

Our integrated systems are suitable for any location that requires access control, a building management system, surveillance or perimeter security. AVI’s Physical Security systems are supported by our expertise in design, installation, preventative and breakdown/remedial maintenance, help desk support, remote...


All AVI products are supported by multiple levels of training which can be delivered in-house, on-site, online (some topics) and at AVI offices throughout the world. Training requirements can be customised to individual customer products, level of employee involvement, and...


AVI develops and delivers innovative solutions for specialised communication and networking requirements. We offer customised product and configuration training; through-life product support and maintenance options for our existing clients. Existing clients can log in to our website for additional product...

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