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AVI Hits the Racetrack in the New AV-24 Autonomous Indy Car

AVI Hits the Racetrack in the New AV-24 Autonomous Indy Car

(Tuesday, January 9th, 2024)

Las Vegas, NV: 08 January 2024

AVI technology hits the racetrack as the new IAC AV-24 Autonomous Indy Car was unveiled today at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

The Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC), the global innovator in high-speed autonomy, today announced at CES®2024 the launch of its Next Gen Autonomous Vehicle Platform, the IAC AV-24. This cutting-edge platform represents a significant leap forward in autonomous hardware and software technology, propelling the performance of the world’s fastest autonomous racecars to new heights. The IAC AV-24 platform and related simulation tools will accelerate the development of AI Drivers capable of operating vehicles safely at speeds greater than 190 mph.

The IAC engineering team has collaborated with leading autonomous hardware and software providers to develop this state-of-the-art robotics system.

After three years and more than 7,000 miles of high-speed racing, the IAC and its industry partners have evolved the robot inside the IAC AV-24 to become smarter and more capable, providing the world’s fastest autonomous racecar with increased functionality that will enable AI Drivers to reach new levels of performance. Moreover, the robot is now vehicle chassis agnostic, capable of operating in multiple vehicle platforms, further expanding its versatility.

“More than three years ago the IAC took on the challenge of proving that autonomous vehicles could race head-to-head at high speeds,” said Paul Mitchell, president, Indy Autonomous Challenge. “After setting every autonomous racing speed record with the AV-21, our University Teams AI Drivers have found the limits of that system. Our next generation robot, the IAC AV-24, will unleash the full potential of AI Drivers to push limits that have not been attempted by man or machine with the goal of developing technology that can save lives and offer new high-speed mobility options.”

Looking ahead, the IAC announced its current schedule for 2024, which includes a return to the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway on September 6, 2024. IAC will again partner with the Milan Monza Motor Show (MIMO) and return to the Monza F1 Circuit in Italy. Building on the success of bringing six autonomous racecars to MIMO in 2023 for a time trial competition, the IAC will return to the legendary Monza F1 Circuit, the oldest racing circuit in Europe, to push the boundaries of head-to-head autonomous racing in 2024.

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