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AVI partners with the right companies to ensure that we deliver the best customer offering. Our commitment to sovereign capability as well as recognising and valuing our role in servicing the Defence and Mining industries, translates to Government plans for a future industry that delivers comprehensive Australian Industrial Capability, providing local jobs and supporting the wider economy.


AVI is a Cisco Solution Technology Integrator (STI) responsible for the development, manufacturing and selling of products and technologies that incorporate Cisco products into useful solutions.

AVI works closely with Cisco to develop our products as technology updates become available, often undertaking parallel development during Cisco’s product migration process.

AVI is a registered Cisco partner.


AVI manufactures TurbineSync under license and is the sole distributor within Australasia. 

Through a patented concept called ‘Application Synchronisation’, TurbineSync supports a range of use cases in the commercial and Government data environments.

TurbineSync consists of low and high side components separated by a high assurance data-diode (unidirectional optical device). TurbineSync uses a novel algorithm to provide a pseudo-synchronous exchange of information one way through the diode. Applications on the receiving side of TurbineSync believe that they are connected across the diode and interact as though they have a bidirectional link.

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