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AVI Capabilities

AVI specialises in designing, developing and building specialised communications solutions for harsh, remote and critical environments.

AVI boasts an agile product development process that brings together emerging technologies, innovation and industry standards to provide clients with unique, custom built solutions.

We support our clients and assure product operational success and QoS by providing a complete suite of comprehensive product support services including integration, network management, documentation and training.

AVI is an Australian owned and operated company with a strong record of accomplishment in designing, developing, fabricating and supporting mission critical systems for difficult environments, with a focus on Australian Industrial Sovereign Capability. Our quality management, engineering and manufacturing processes are proven by the performance of these systems on the battlefield and under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Our headquarters in Perth Western Australia, house a multi disciplinarian engineering team with specialist Defence, Commercial and Mining experience to provide turn key technology solutions for our clients. From requirements development, product design, rapid prototyping, rigorous testing and full life cycle production, AVI supports our clients’ needs from concept inception to full operational life.

Design + Engineering

As a provider of sophisticated communications systems and componentry to some of the world's most integral industries, AVI is continuously on the leading edge of the design and development of technology solutions for more than 30 years.

AVI has an established reputation for innovation and continuous improvement, boasting a large and experienced, multidisciplinary engineering design team including Software, Electronic, Aviation, and Mechanical Engineers in addition to communication specialists and experienced electronic technicians.

AVI Aluminium Chassis Manufacturing


Building products and systems for harsh environments requires specialised design, manufacturing and testing standards. AVI employs these standards with innovative manufacturing and assembly techniques to ensure the performance and reliability of all custom, Military Off-The Shelf (MOTS) and Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) products.

AVI’s manufacturing campus in Booragoon Western Australia houses an end-to-end facility, from robotic sheet metal turret machines, CNC seals to custom assembly. Our metal machining is all conducted in-house by a team of highly qualified and experienced machinists. Using a bank of newly commissioned HAAS vertical and horizontal CNC machining centres supported by Bridgepoint vertical CNC machines and Trimos Measurement Systems AVI has extensive capacity to produce large production runs in short timeframes.

AVI Lab is a dedicated facility for engineering and world-class testing facilities.

AVI’s electrical assembly is undertaken in a separate on campus facility which includes industrial clean rooms and specialist assembly and testing facilities.


Specialised Environmental Testing

AVI's world-class specialised environmental testing facility is equipped to test products to extreme conditions and simulate harsh environments, similar to those in which AVI equipment is required to perform.

Key testing equipment and capabilities include:

  • EMC Chamber – measuring 9.6m in length, 6.4m in width and 6.15m high to undertake compliance tests for radio emissions from AVI devices.
  • Sun Event Chamber – for full sun simulation for accelerated lifecycle testing (ageing), controlling temperature, humidity, simulated sunlight.
  • Salt Event Chamber – to simulate accelerated exposure to corrosive environments to test longevity of AVI devices and resistance to corrosion.
  • IP69K Water Chamber – to test for certify AVI devices to have a water resistance level up to IP69K
  • Dust Chamber – To simulate entry of dust particles into our Military equipment
  • Arizona Dust Chamber – to simulate exposure to Pilbara style red earth dust to ensure the seal on AVI devices against dust ingress.
  • Temperature Vibration Chamber (Shake and Bake) – This chamber allows for three-axis vibration testing of AVI devices whilst at the same time temperature cycling the environment.  It can vibrate a device up and down and side to side at the same time.  The chamber can test devices at a temperature of minus 70°C up to 180°C, whilst also at humidity levels between 10-95% relative humidity.  And can cycle the temperature at 15°C per minute. For further detailed information regarding AVI’s testing capabilities, click here

Installation + Integration

As a core part of AVI's dedication to QoS and customer satisfaction, AVI specialises in the installation of mission critical audiovisual and communications solutions in complex environments.  Our team has experience in the deployment of cutting-edge solutions in culturally significant buildings such as Parliaments and Courts of Law, vital assets such as air and seaports and in the most inaccessible locales. 

We have building, electrical, cabling and security licences that enable our multi-disciplinary installation teams to manage virtually any challenge.  Our team members hold a range of security clearances, licences and industry and vendor endorsement/certifications.  They are backed by ISO 9001 (management systems), 4801 (safety and health) and 14001 (environmental)-certified systems that have been developed and refined throughout or 30-year history of operation. 

Coupled with our installation services, AVI offers clients a full integration services to ensure seamless integration and configuration of equipment and systems with existing infrastructure and servers. Our highly trained and experienced integration team can integrate AVI products and third party products with clients proprietary systems ready for deployment.  We also offer a range of ready to deploy options across most of our product lines.

Surveillance + Monitoring

Protecting People, Property and Critical Infrastructure AVI is a provider of specialised electronic security systems and has developed, designed and installed Physical Security systems around Australia for corporate premises, parliaments and public infrastructure including police centres, courts of law and railway stations.

Our integrated systems are suitable for any location that requires access control, a building management system, surveillance or perimeter security. AVI’s Physical Security systems are supported by our expertise in design, installation, preventative and breakdown/remedial maintenance, help desk support, remote system diagnostics and status monitoring with the latest technology. Physical Security Product Suite :

  • Access Control
  • Building Management Systems
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Perimeter Detection Systems

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