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LANpipe® is more than simple tunnelling or overlay networking.

LANpipe® drastically simplifies network management and permits a level of agility and responsiveness that would not be possible with use of existing frameworks.

AVI’s LANpipe Software Defined Networking system drastically simplifies network management by connecting to disparate systems, fusing data traffic; and reliably delivering IP data direct to the endpoint where it is required. The LANpipe system allows for transport of Layer 2 traffic over Layer 3 (LTE) networks. LANpipe is available across all AVI Appliances and User Equipment (UEs) that use the AVI Operating System (AVIOS).

AVI LANpipe is a networking protocol that is Open Standards Compliant so that it seamlessly integrates with your existing network architecture. AVI LANpipe networking technologies provide the capability to manage and deliver Layer 2 datalink traffic over Layer 3 Networks. The AVI LANpipe solution is optimised to function with very low jitter and next to no packet loss.

The AVI LANpipe is operated through AVIOS (AVI Operating System) that is a Linux Based GUI that simplifies management and configuration while providing ‘At a glance’ network data that will assist the user in understanding current network conditions and status.

The AVI LANpipe system utilises a unique network router that adopts intelligent tunnelling (based on a VXLan encapsulation technique) to pass Layer 2 traffic over Layer 3 Networks and enables WAN-switching to seamlessly roam between multiple mobile radio and physical networks, based on definable parameters such as link quality metrics.

The LANpipe networking system is made up of three components;

AVIOS (AVI Operating System) incorporates LANpipe functionality as one of its major features; AVI User Equipment (UE), utilising AVIOS, to provide LANpipe functionality to deployed endpoints; and the AVI LANpipe Controller (LPC), utilising AVIOS, manages the overlay of LANpipe tunnels, routing protocols, and QoS. When active, LANpipe not only enables the transport of data between the AVI UEs and the LPC but across the network(s) from UE endpoint to UE endpoint as if they are all physically connected on a Layer 2 network.

LANpipe intelligently deals with Broadcast, Multicast and Unknown Destination Unicast packets across Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks, for example, the delivery of broadcast traffic on Layer 3 LTE networks.

Broadcast data destined for other UEs on a Layer 3 network, is encapsulated using stateless tunnels, then routed to the destination UE. Once the broadcast stops the stateless tunnel connection will be dropped, protecting network resources.

AVI 8942 LANpipe Controller Appliance


  • Simplifies Layer 2 to Layer 3 Networking
  • LANpipe is Open Standards Compatible
  • Complements Existing Networking Infrastructure
  • Resilient to Adverse Communications Environments
  • Configurable in High Availability
  • Reduces Network Overheads
  • Vendor Agnostic to Software
  • Applications and Network Bearers
  • Trusted and Secure
  • Provides Data Stream as a Service
  • Easy GUI Based and Remote Configuration


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