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Introduction to AVI LANpipe

Introduction to AVI LANpipe

(Saturday, October 27th, 2018)

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In an environment where the amount of data and related sources is exponentially increasing, AVI’s LANpipe™ solution is a software-defined networking system designed to fuse and transport data effectively and efficiently between multiple endpoints.

LANpipe™ is currently implemented across a number of key industries including autonomous vehicles in the Mining industry and CCTV systems in Government. LANpipe™ solves the issues associated with data ingest from a range of sources and permits Layer 2 over Layer 3 traffic flows, extending the service life of legacy application suites that will be able to continue to function over modern networks such as 4G LTE and in the future, 5G LTE.

When used in conjunction with AVI UEs (User Equipment), LANpipe™ provides an integrated end-to-end data tunnelling and management solution. LANpipe™ can seamlessly integrate with existing networks connecting a variety of platforms and applications. With the added capability of sophisticated hardware features including seamless Wi-Fi and LTE network switching, AVI’s WANswitch or our Transmit Antenna Path Redundancy (TAPR), AVI’s LANpipe™ ensures a suite of equipment gets the data through on mission-critical networks.

Configured through a Centralised Content Management System (AVI CCMS), management, configuration and monitoring of a large number of endpoints is possible.

AVI can provide a LANpipe™ solution suited to specific company or industry requirements. To find out more contact AVI.

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