AVI 8222 - ESS Industrial Switch

The AVI 8222 ESS is a managed Ethernet switch and AVI Rugged Chassis providing on-demand network connectivity for deployment in harsh environments. The AVI 8222 Embedded Services Switch (ESS) delivers reduced Size Weight and Power (SwaP) requirements with maximum technology capability.

The high performance Cisco 2020 ESS® provides the power of the Cisco LAN IOS® to your deployed Local Area Network.

The AVI 8222 is configured with one Gigabit Single Mode Optical Fibre, two Gigabit Ethernet and eight Fast Ethernet interfaces. Options are available for alternate fibre Gigabit interfaces by selecting alternate types of small form-factor pluggable transceiver (SFP) within the AVI 8222 chassis.

The AVI 8222 sealed enclosure has been designed to provide a high degree of environmental protection for the internal components, enabling the AVI 8222 to continue to provide deployable LAN services in hot, dry, wet and cold enviroments. With an extended operating temperature range of -40oC to +85oC, all components are specifically designed for operation in harsh environments. Conduction cooling ensures that the enclosure is not open to environmental elements, improving the operational reliability of the AVI 8222 Embedded Services Switch.

The AVI 8222 ESS is a reliable, rugged and cost effective Ethernet switch, designed to meet the demanding requirements of Australian Defence Force networks deployed in harsh environments.

8222 - Cisco Industrial Switch Network Diagram
AVI 8222 - Cisco Industrial IP67 Switch
AVI 8222 - Cisco ESS Industrial Switch
AVI 8222 - Cisco Industrial IP67 Switch
AVI 8222 - Cisco Industrial IP67 Switch Gigabit SPF
Key Features: 
  • Rugged Gigabit and 10/100Mbps Switch 
  • Cisco® 2020 Embedded Services Switch technology 
  • Cisco 2020 LAN Lite or LAN Base software® 
  • Layer 3 Static Routing 
  • Advanced QoS and Security Features 
  • Reduced SWaP Fanless design 
  • Extended operating temperature range 
  • Single power input 
  • RJ45 for Ethernet 
  • Sealed Aluminium chassis 
  • IP67 Design