Routers - Rugged Embedded Services Routers

The AVI's family of rugged routers & switches feature Cisco® technology and provide mobile, durable and reliable networking devices in a small modular form.

The AVI 5940, 5915, and 5915 Mini Embedded Services Routers are field-deployable, enabling the router to serve as an aggregation point for on-demand network connectivity in mobile or fixed deployments in harsh environments. 

Embedded Services Routers & Switches Product Suite 

» 5940 FES-ESR

Router - Gigabit

5940 Cisco Rugged Gigabit Embedded Services Router

» 5915 FES-ESR 

Router - Fast Ethernet

5915 Cisco Rugged Embedded Services Router

» 5915 FES Mini-ESR

Router - Fast Ethernet

5915 Mini Cisco Rugged Embedded Services Router


Vehicle Mounting System

AVI Cisco Rugged ESR Vehicle Mount


Power Supply Unit

AVI Rugged Power Supply

» FES Cables  
Cisco 5940 5915 Rugged Military Router
Cisco Ruggedised ESR Router 5940 5915
Cisco 2020 Rugged Switch 8 Port
Key Features: 
  • Rugged design
  • Suitable for military deployment
  • Military vehicle mounting options
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Redundant power inputs
  • Power output for other FES modules
  • Supports BA-5590 type batteries
  • Mains 90-264VAC at 47-63Hz power sources
  • Multiple IP bearer compatibility