miniROS® Video Transmit Module & Video Recieve Module

The Video Transmit Module (VTM) and Video Recieve Module (VRM) used together form a microwave and bidirectional communications channel for sensor signals and control information.

  • The channel allows the CRM to be remotely deployed and communicate with an observation/command post.
  • Operational transmission range can be extended by the addition of multiple units deployed in repeater mode.
  • VRM features a 5 LED signal meter to measure microwave signal strength.
  • System operation is validated by LED indicators.
  • The VTM/VRM can be deployed as a standalone video bearer via COTS video connectors, independent to any miniROS® capability.

Video Transmit Module NATO Stock Number (NSN): 5895-66-155-63869
Video Recieve Module NATO Stock Number (NSN): 5895-66-155-6383

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MiniROS Video Receive Module
MiniROS Video Transmit Module
MiniROS Video Transmit Module
MiniROS Video Recieve Module
MiniROS Rugged Video Module
Key Features: 
  • Microwave video transmitter
  • UHF Telemetry transceiver
  • Standards based connectivity options to suit a wide range of COTS video capture devices
  • Integrated power management. Supports BA5590 batteries,12VDC, and 90-260VAC power sources
  • Independent operation with multiple bearer options
  • Interoperable with miniROS® other modules