miniROS® Input/Output Interface Module

The IOBOX is a miniROS® expansion module that provides four input sensing channels and four output control channels.

  • The IOBOX works in conjunction with the Control Remote Module (CRM) by responding to switch closures and voltage level changes in a range of 5-40VDC.
  • Sensor information is relayed to the user and can be managed manually or automated using pre-programmed commands within the CRM.
  • The IOBOX can supply a small amount of power via an un-switched wetting supply which allows the CRM to detect a contact closure on an external device and to feed power to the external device by routing through a relay contact.

Input/Output Interface Module NATO Stock Number (NSN): 5895-66-155-6373

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Input Output MiniROS
MiniROS Intelligent surveillance target acquisition remote sensing and reconnaissance Input Output Box
Key Features: 
  • Four input sensing channels
  • Four output control channels
  • Acts as logic-level switch or input; senses high and low voltage states in voltage mode
  • Delivers low voltage power supply for external devices (wetting)
  • Interoperable with other miniROS® series modules