Field Ethernet System – Vehicle Mounting System

The FES Vehicle Mounting System (FES-VMS) provides a mounting system for single or multiple FES modules, and protects electronic components from excessive vibration and shock. The FES-VMS is a ruggedised, small form factor mounting system designed for use in mobile deployments in harsh and demanding environments. 

Facilitating mission-critical mobile communications, the FES-VMS can be deployed in  any vehicle and installed at any angle without compromising operation. 

The FES Power  Supply Unit (FES-PSU) is an AVI Advanced Power Management  device, enabling connection to  mains, vehicle and/or battery power, providing uninterrupted power supply to mounted modules . 

The FES-VMS is compatible with the entire FES and miniROS® suite of products.

Please Contact Us for a quotation for the AVI FES-VMS for your organisation or do discuss tailoring this product to suit your needs.


Mobile Cisco Router Heavy Vehicle Mount
Mobile 3G/4G Cisco Router Switch Heavy Vehicle Mount
Mobile Ethernet Heavy Vehicle Mount
Mobile Cisco Router Light Vehicle Mount
Key Features: 
  • Provides a mounting system for single or multiple FES modules.
  • Protects electronic components from excessive vibration and shock.
  • Can be deployed in any vehicle and installed at any angle without compromising operation