FES - Power Supply Unit

The AVI FES-PSU is a small unit form factor, highly capable Power Supply Unit, with single 90-26sVAC input and single 10-30VDC input providing 2 x 13VDC power outputs for powering multiple FES devices in mobile or fixed deployments in harsh environments.

The flexible, compact form factor of the FES Chassis, complimented by the high performance power supply and management provides a reliable non interruptible power supply capability to stationary and mobile network nodes across wired and wireless links.

For Mission-critical mobile communications, the AVI FES-PSU can be deployed to take advantage of dual redundant power inputs enable connection to mains, vehicle and/or battery power, providing uninterrupted power supply.

Using high-grade components, a rugged IP68 case and extended operating temperature range, the AVI FES-PSU is optimised for operation in harsh environments that require reliable power management technology.

Deployed as a stand-alone device, or fitted to the FES Vehicle Mounting System, the FES-PSU integrated seamlessly with all AVI FES modules. 

Please Contact Us for a quotation for the AVI FES-PSU for your organisation or do discuss tailoring this product to suit your needs.

FES-PSU mounted on an AVI FES Vehicle Mounting System

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12V DC Power Supply Unit PSU
13V DC Power Supply Unit PSU
Key Features: 
  • Two redundant power inputs
  • Mains input at 90-264VAC at 47-63Hz power sources
  • Supports BA5590 type batteries, vehicle power 10-30 VDC
  • Two power outputs for FES modules
  • Provides UPS cutover to DC input in the event of mains failure
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Rugged design
  • Suitable for military deployment