FES - Rugged Embedded Services Routers

An innovation in mission-critical mobile communications

The FES-ESR is a small form factor, field-deployable, rugged router featuring Cisco® technology. It provides four gigabit router ports enabling the router to serve as an aggregation point for on-demand network connectivity in mobile or fixed deployments in harsh environments.

AVI Field Ethernet System - Embedded Services Routers


» 5940 FES-ESR

Router - Gigabit

Cisco Rugged Mil-Spec Gigabit Router

» 5915 FES-ESR 

Router - Fast Ethernet

Cisco Rugged Embedded Services Router

» 5915 FES Mini-ESR

Router - Fast Ethernet

AVI Cisco Embedded Ruggedized Services Router

AVI Cisco Rugged Router
AVI Cisco Embedded Rugged Router
AVI Cisco Military Ruggedised Embedded Services Router ESR
Key Features: 
  • Cisco Embedded Services Router and Cisco IOS Software
  • Standards-based Mobile IP in Cisco IOS Software
  • Cisco IOS Software advanced security features, including IPsec and 256 AES
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
  • Supports dual BA5590 type batteries, 10-30VDC, and 90-260VAC power sources
  • Power output for module stacking
  • Rugged sealed casing
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Rugged design
  • Suitable for military deployment
  • Military vehicle mounting options