FES - Field Ethernet System

The AVI Field Ethernet System (FES) provides rugged, durable and reliable networking devices in a small modular form.

FES delivers high-speed, flexible field networks and is ideal for military Deployable Local Area Networks (DLAN) deployable Local Area Networks (LANs), headquarters and tactical command posts, or minor deployed nodes.

AVI developed the system in collaboration with the Australian Defence Force to ensure it met the demands of service in extreme and hostile conditions.

Major innovations within the system are its power management, size and durability.

  • The individual components of the FES can run on any available power source from 10 to 260 volts.
  • Dual battery inputs provide redundant power and extended operating time when operating on battery power only.
  • Single power output provides power input for other FES modules.
  • Extended operating temperature range of  -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to ~185°F).

Field Ethernet System Product Suite


Embedded Services Router

Rugged Mil-Spec Cisco Embedded Services Router

» FES-MG-4E4F 

Switch - Managed Gigabit

Rugged Mil-Spec Cisco Managed Gigabit Switch

» FES-G-8E

Switch - Gigabit

Rugged Mil-Spec Cisco Gigabit Switch


Mobile Access Router

Rugged Mil-Spec Cisco Mobile Access Router


Midspan PoE Interface

Rugged Mil-Spec PoE Midspan Interface


3G Module

3G Rugged Modem


Vehicle Mounting System

Rugged Vehicle Mounting System


Power Supply Unit

Rugged Mil-Spec Power Supply Unit PSU

Deployable LAN Military Switch Router
Deployable LAN Military Switch Router
Cisco Ruggedised Military ESR Router
Cisco Rugged Gigabit Switch Vehicle Mount
Key Features: 
  • Rugged design
  • Suitable for military deployment
  • Military vehicle mounting options
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Redundant power inputs
  • Power output for other FES modules
  • Supports BA-5590 type batteries
  • Mains 90-264VAC at 47-63Hz power sources
  • Multiple IP bearer compatibility