4250 - i7 Embedded Computer

The AVI 4250 conduction-cooled single-board computer based on the Intel® Core™i7 processor and Intel Mobile QM67 chipset.  With dual cores operating at 2.4 GHz, the Intel® Core™i7 delivers enhanced performance and efficiency for today's network information processing and other embedded computing applications. Complementing  processor  performance,  the  AVI  4250 features  up  to  16  GB  of  DDR3-1600 ECC  SO-DIMM  memory  for  memory  intensive  applications. 

The  AVI  4250  provides  a  high-performance,  feature-rich  solution for current and future generations of embedded  applications.  Operating  system  support  packages  for  the  AVI  4250 include  Wind River  VxWorks, Linux,  WindowsXP  and  Windows  7.

The  rugged,  compact  form  factor of the AVI 4250, is ideally suited for mission-critical  mobile computing applications. 

Using   high-grade components, conduction cooling  and extended operating temperature range, the AVI 4250 is  optimised for operation in harsh environments. Deploy as a stand-alone device, or integrated with the AVI 5900  series of Cisco embedded routers. The AVI 4250 connects seamlessly with all AVI FES modules, and with existing Military and Cisco IP networks.

Please Contact Us for a quotation for the AVI 4250 for your organisation or to discuss tailoring this product to suit your needs. 

AVI 4250 - i7 Embedded Computer
Key Features: 
  •  Intel® Core i7 Processor
  • IP-67 Rated Enclosure
  • Up to 16GB DDR3-1600 ECC SO-DIMM Memory