Oil and Gas

AVI provides systems for oil and gas applications offering design, development, fabrication and through-life support. Our solutions include hardware for well head and rigs.

AVI hardware offerings for Oil and Gas applications include:

AVI 9530 - 4G-LTE MIMO WAP Modem Router



4G-LTE Ruggedised Heavy Vehicle Modem Router Hotspot

The 9530 is AVI's flagship Rugged Industrial Modem. This unit contains all the functionality and features of the 3440 modem and complimented with a Cisco 5915 Embedded Services Router with IP67 connector options and rated enclosure. This product is suitable for Oil and Gas deployments requiring 4G connectivity in environments of extreme heat or cold and vibration.

The AVI 9530 comes with various mounting options to be installed for well head monitoring or into vehicles and rigs.

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