Anti Passback

What is Anti Passback?

Anti Passback is a physical security access control technology also referred to as an air lock or man-trap.  These systems operate via a series of interlocking doors which can be used to prevent persons from passing back between a sterile/secure area and non-sterile/non secure area. 

The intention of these systems is to ensure that after passing through the first relay of an Anti Passback system no one can then turn around and pass back through the door they have exited. 

Why is Anti Passback System beneficial?

These systems are designed to lower an organisations operating expenses through intelligent automation.  AVI installs these systems generally in places where an existing security guard is required to prevent improper passage from a secure to unsecure area.  The installation of this system allows human resources to be deployed more cost-effectively

For most organisations which have Security Guard’s stationed at key access doors in facilities operating 24 hours a day these operational expenses to guard each door can exceed $300,000 per annum per access door to be manned 24/7-365.

Why AVI?

Developing complex sensor and camera surveillance systems is at the core of AVI’s business.  We have been providing highly complex automated Access Control and CCTV Surveillance systems across Australia for over 25 years.  Our supply chain integrates the most reliable and accurate Sensor Detection, Doppler Radar and CCTV Tracking Analytics from across Europe and Asia to deliver reliable, fail-safe Anti Passback systems. 

In addition to providing mainstream Anti Passback technologies, AVI also provides a field deployable intelligent sensor system - MiniROS® (Miniature Remote Observation System).  This in-service remote surveillance and sensor product operates over tactical radios, satellite links and the latest battlefield wireless networks. 

AVI employs suitably qualified Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Software Engineers who have a proven track record of solving the most complex of organisations security and technical requirements.

AVI has the latest 3D design and rendering software with appropriately trained design and draftsmen who can design a customised solution for your Anti Passback Access Control requirements. 

At AVI’s Headquarters in Booragoon Western Australia AVI has a full electronics lab which is used for assembly, manufacture and testing of these complex sensor and camera systems.  AVI has developed and delivered working Anti Passback prototypes in our labs and in the field to allow for stakeholder engagement and proving the viability and accuracy of the product. 

Applications for Anti Passback Systems:

  • Airports
  • Courts
  • Parliaments
  • Custodial facilities
  • Ports

Please contact AVI to discuss your Access Control requirements for any technical or security specification your organisation requires.