Cisco IPICS (Instant Connect)

Cisco Instant Connect System

What is IPICS/Instant Connect?

IPICS stands for Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) which is a simplified solution for radio dispatch operations. This system dissolves communication barriers between land-mobile-radio (LMR) systems and devices such as mobile phones, landline phones, IP phones, and PC's and supports communication and collaboration among users of all devices wherever they are located. 

AVI is a qualified IPICS integrator and has over two decades experience in deploying radio based communication networks throughout military and public infrastructure sites. 


AVI is Australian’s premier supplier of integrated command and control environments.  We specialise in merging disparate communications platforms to allow effective cross-platform interoperability in either fixed or field-deployed applications.  Our line of specialist rugged communications products interact seamlessly with Cisco’s IPICS products to provide effective solutions to the problems associated with multiple communications systems in critical incidents. 

With more than 26 years of experience, a team of highly-skilled subject matter experts and exceptional relationships with vendors at all levels, AVI is your only choice where effective communications is paramount.  

Cisco Instant Connect Dispatch Console

Cisco Instant Connect Dispatch ConsoleThe Cisco IPICS Dispatch Console is a state-of-the-art, end-to-end radio dispatching solution designed for mission-critical radio communications. The Dispatch Console client is the vital link between dispatchers and field personnel, helping coordinate field response and helping to ensure personnel safety. Built on IPICS technology, it extends existing push-to-talk (PTT) radio channels or broadcast networks, so that users with a variety of communication devices, such as landline phones, cell phones, IP phones, and satellite phones, can share information and participate in an event. The Dispatch Console simplifies daily operations, and allows organizations to respond to incidents and emergencies rapidly.
The Dispatch Console provides control of radio resources through an easy-to-use on-screen interface. It allows users to monitor and coordinate incident management responses for emergencies and day-to-day operations across multiple agencies, jurisdictions, departments, and incompatible radio systems.
Command and control tactical dispatchers do not have to rely on multiple portable radio units to dispatch from the field. Instead, they can be equipped with a laptop PC that provides full dispatch console functionality. 
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